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Technology Consortium

A major portion of the COSMIAC’s UNM charter is the acceleration of business in New Mexico. COSMIAC’s hosts small businesses throughout the 30,000 square foot facility.

  • Acme – Expertise in Precision Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing; Environmental emulation; Rapid prototyping; Product design; Emergent optimization algorithms; Laser and RF Communications
  • Opticslah – Expertise in optical spectroscopy, femtosecond and nanosecond laser development, laser machining – tOSC and Opticlah now have a joint contract together – synergism happens...
  • Counter Drone – Cleared UAV capabilities
  • Raven Defense – Experts in advanced RF systems and integration supporting satellite communications, directed energy, telemetry, command and control, and flight test activities
  • Canyon Consulting – GNSS Systems expertise
  • Prewitt Ridge – Develops engineering collaboration tools that ease inter-and intra-team friction when designing or assessing complex systems
  • Sceye – High altitude persistent earth observation and communications
  • emTruth – Provides secure immutable data tracking with Blockchain technology